About Us

We are the Maloneys. We are currently teaching English in Japan in Elementary Schools. We absolutely love our job. 
We have been married 5 years and have visited over 24 countries together (I would list them but that would be boring). We both love visiting other places, but hate the actual traveling part.

Taken in Jeju, South Korea

My name is Staci. 
Taken in Seoul, South Korea

I love laughing, shopping, Starbucks, eating, reading, television, creeping on people's blogs, cardigans and pretending to be crafty. I am a nurse who chose to take a break and see the world and I am loving every minute of it.

My name is Daniel.

Taken in Hitachi, Japan

I love playing guitar, reading on my Kindle, watching TV, quoting The Office, playing basketball, and eating authentic Japanese ramen.