Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Here Comes Santa-san!

So much has happened since our last real post, but we don`t have many pictures. Also, we were informed that we cannot have pictures of students in which you can see their faces. We apologize in advance.

Last month we had our Thanksgiving on a Saturday because we had to work the following Thursday. It was a great time of fellowship and lots of food.

This is just the dessert table. We brought vegetables and 8 boxes of mac and cheese.

Then, while still in November, we had our AET Christmas Party. We played dirty Santa (with dinners), decorated cookies and Allen impersonated Jesus.

We also went caroling at Mito Station. We don`t have any pictures, which is fortunate because we were in pajamas.

This last week we had our EBC (English Bible Class) Christmas Party where you could eat cookies, play games and sit on Santa`s lap.

Some people were more excited than others.

Each group did a skit. This is group 2 decorating Jason like a Christmas tree.

Seeing who can make the biggest Santa by stuffing suits with balloons (26 in fact).

A limbo contest. How low can you go Chip?

Emily and Chelsea, the party planners.

We have a potluck this Sunday and next week we are heading to Bali!