Saturday, February 20, 2010

We Are Not Smiles Times

DIY is a wonderful concept. It looks great on paper and the people in the pictures are always having so much fun, laughing and working in their sweaters. But once you become the "y" it takes on a different meaning.

Actually, our biggest problem now is that as of Wednesday we have no toilets (waiting on the floors to be redone). False, we have two very nice toilets sitting adjacent to each other in the guest bedroom. This brings about the question: Where to go to go? So far, onCue and Old Navy have very clean bathrooms.

This morning Staci woke up and was not thrilled about going to work and begged me not to make her go. With complete sincerity I said excitedly "but they have bathrooms there!"

We have been buying lots of grown up clothes and sorting through our belongings. Things are a little chaotic right now and that is why we are not smiles times.