Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Maloney Farewell Tour

We’re homeless and…

Not pregnant or 16 and come to the realization that we have been watching too much television.

We are currently in Montgomery, Alabama visiting our friends Liz and Ryan. We made the 12-hour journey by car without a working radio. Why was our radio not working you might ask? There is a very logical explanation…we had an oil change. I’m sure it is nothing a little tinkering can’t fix.

The other day we impulsively drove down to Florida in search of sandy beaches. It was beautiful!

After being lightly toasted we did some more exploring and then went to Crabs to eat lunch/dinner. There we found the Real Housewives of Pensacola. For both their sake and yours I will not post that picture. Instead, here is one of us enjoying a good meal of mahi mahi, crab cakes, oysters and snow crabs.

This is a good first stop on our trip and it is truly wonderful to spend time with great friends.