Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kyoto: Part 1

Dear Staci and Daniel,

In a few days you are going to travel to Kyoto, Hiroshima and Kobe during your summer vacation. You are probably making final plans and packing your suitcases at this moment. I have risked much to bring you this important message. Don't go! It is too hot! Sure you will have a great time. But you will be perpetually sweating, cranky and it's hotter than a cat on a tin roof. Please think about it. Take care.


Future Daniel and Future Staci

If only we had received that letter in time. In spite of the weather we had a wonderful vacation which started in Kyoto. Our first stop was Fushimi Inari Shrine famous for its many torii gates.

Next, we visited Kiyomizu Temple and had some green tea ice cream.

It has a great view of the city, but is most famous for the Otowa Waterfall (actually just three fountains) that have the power to grant you wisdom, good health, and longevity when you drink from them.

 On the way back down we spotted three Maiko. A Maiko is an apprentice Geisha.

If we thought we were hot.. I can only imagine.

To be continued...