Monday, August 15, 2011

That time I went to Tokyo with my Co-Workers

So funny things happen when you go to Tokyo with a group of Japanese Teachers.

We saw Sky Tree, it is huge.

There is a posed picture, but I liked this candid one better. 

Then they asked me if I liked tempura several times.

This is tempura... It is just fried...anything.

I'm American, of course I like fried anything.

Next we toured the busiest part of Tokyo and ate dessert.

I got a cream snow cone thingy, they got sweet bean paste.

We went to a show. A Japanese comedian review. It was interesting. 

The acts consisted of two men and a microphone.

One man was usually fat and the other was skinny. 

Or one was dressed in ridiculous clothing and the other wore a suit. 

I don't really know what they said. 

One of my co-workers, after the show, said she didn't understand most of what was said because they talk too fast. 

We went to dinner, ate fish brains, and drank yummy drinks. 

The end.