Sunday, November 6, 2011

Inverview with a Foreigner

Today I had lunch with a 4th grade class. It was a very western meal of hamburger, broccoli and tomato soup with vegetables...

During lunch I had a very interesting conversation with a group of students. I will now attempt to recreate that conversation...

Daniel:  Hello
Student:  Hello

(awkward silence)

Student:  How old are you? (in English)
Daniel:  I'm 25 years old. (in Japanese)

The students discussed this for several minutes. How could I be 25 when I had previously told them I was 24? Eventually, they realized that foreigners must also have birthdays, but students still have many misconceptions about teachers...

1. Teachers don't age.
2. Teachers both live and work at school.
3. Teachers never leave the school.
4.  Teachers know the answer to everything.

Back to the conversation...

Student: Do you have a girlfriend?
Daniel: No I don't.
Student: Oh...ok. Do you have a boyfriend?
Daniel: No I don't

My kids are very accepting. So proud!

Student: How many times do you shave each day?
Daniel:  One.
Student: When?
Daniel: In the morning.