Friday, January 6, 2012

English Testing

Every year, as English teachers, we must test our students on their speaking proficiency. It is the only time we can sit down one-on-one with every student and have a conversation. 

Some students found the test very difficult because English is a difficult language to learn...

Here are some of my favorite test conversations...

Daniel:  How are you?
Student:  I'm thank you and you?

Daniel:  Are you ready?
Student:  Yes. Let's English!

Daniel:  What time is it?
Student:  It's 10 fruity.

Daniel:  What day is it?
Student:  It's Fursday. 

Daniel:  Do you like dogs?
Student:  Yes we can.

This conversation with a 6th grader caused me to lose some sleep...

Daniel:  How are you?
Student:  I like fine. 
Daniel:  What's your name?
Student:  I like Keiko.
Daniel:  What food do you like?
Student:  I like sushi. 
Daniel:  Where is the library?
Student:  I like go straight. I like turn right.

My New Years resolution...

To teach students real good so they can English!