Saturday, January 7, 2012

Evolution of Janken

One of the most popular games in Japan is janken. You might know it better as rock-paper-scissors. 

In Japan, students use it to decide the player order in a game, determine who gets an extra food item at lunch or just play it as a game. The results of janken are final and thought to be fate so it is a great way to make a decision. 

At lunch last week I played a game of janken I will not soon forget...

Daniel & Student:  Rock, paper, scissors, go!

The student threw scissors while I threw this...

Immediately, they let out a gasp and put their hands up. One student even said “Don't shoot!”  

After that the items followed a strange evolution...

two guns
a bomb
a cat
a rabid dog
a kangaroo
a butt
a fire

And for the last one, perhaps my favorite, the student faked a heart attack and pretended to die before he could finish the game.

Rock, paper and scissors work fine, but if you would like to mix things up a little you can use these signs...