Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Korea: Part 1

Our trip to Korea was very long (11 days) so we are splitting it up into a few posts...

The first stop was Seoul. We stayed in a guesthouse that was conveniently located 19 floors above Dunkin Donuts.


Our first dinner was some famed Korean barbeque at a local restaurant.  The meat had not yet arrived, but there are many other dishes that come with every meal.

The next day we visited Seodaemun Prison. During the early 20th century it held a large number of South Korean prisoners during the years of Japanese occupation.

For lunch we found a very small local place with delicious food.

This actually used to be the gate leading into Seoul, but now it is somewhere near the center.

We finished our day with some shopping. The name of this store we found particularly interesting...

Bongzi & Bongzi...That's the Place made by Jesus

Apparently, God made the world and Jesus made this small store in a Korean shopping mall.