Saturday, May 21, 2011

This Post Brought To You By The Letter S

Trying to teach plurals can be frustrating. Trying to teach fruits can be equally difficult, especially if you have a poster like this in your classroom. 

Hopefully, they weren't always all a shade of blue.

I was attempting to teach “Do you like..(fruit)?” and this is what I got.

Student: Do you like apple?
Daniel: Pie? Tea? Bottom jeans?

Student: Do you like gringos?
Daniel: Si senor. 

This student was trying to say apples, but instead used the Japanese equivalent りんご (ringo).
I am still not sure how the 'g' sound made it to the front. 

Student: Do you like budōs?
Daniel: Hai.

This student used the Japanese word ぶどう (grapes), but made sure to include the 's' sound on the end. So close.

 Then these rambunctious 3rd graders decided to add that sound to other English words. Unfortunately, none of them applied.

Daniel: Here you are.
Student: Thank yous.

Daniel: Thank you.
Student: You're welcomes.

My new greeting for class “Good morning youse guys!”