Sunday, May 15, 2011

Korea: Part 4

Our final stop was the island of Jeju, which is so small that it only has two cities. Jeju City, on the Northern side of the island, is the capital  and the most populated. Our hotel was on the Southern side in Seogwipo City. Despite the long taxi rides to and from the airport, there were several advantages to this part of the island. 

First, we were only a 10-minute walk from the Cheonjiyeon Waterfall.

Then after walking across this bridge we explored an even smaller island. 

We also visited the Jeongbang Waterfall. It is one of the few if not only waterfall that falls directly into the ocean.

That night our hotel manager suggested we go to a local barbeque restaurant. In fact, his exact words were “There are many places around here, but not that I would recommend. But this place is good.” 

The next day we decided to visit and climb Seongsan Ilchubong. It is a volcanic crater formed thousands of years ago. Even though it was foggy we decided to hike to the summit (sans Staci).

And we were rewarded by our efforts with some great views.

Being at the summit was like being attacked by a foggy sandy wind monster. 

But during the climb we spotted a scenic place next to the crater.

We also visited some lava tubes. They were dark, cold and wet so we did not take many pictures. Our last stop was The Trick Art Museum. It was full of many optical illusions. Here are a few...

It was nice to visit Korea, but it is nice to be back and feel at home in Japan.