Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lost in Translation

Last week at the video store Staci and I left frustrated because we were unable to find a movie to rent. Certain factors make searching more difficult in Japan (i.e. the different language). But, last night we discovered another potential problem...the renaming of English movies...

In many non-English speaking countries a movie title can be “translated” and end up with a different meaning...

In France, do not spend too much time looking for “Home Alone” because the title there is “Mom, I Missed the Plane”

Or in Finland looking for “Bad Santa”, or should I say “Santa is a Pervert”

In Japan, this is also a problem. Here is what we have found so far...

“Jerry Maguire” becomes “The Agent”

“Up” was obviously too abstract so it was changed to the more descriptive “Old Man Carl's Flying House”

“Freaky Friday” becomes  “Fortune Cookie”

 “Shallow Hal” becomes “Beloved Rosemary”

“The Fast and the Furious” becomes “Wild Speed”


“Anger Management” becomes “NY-Style Happy Therapy”

“The Blind Side” becomes “Happiness's Hiding Place”

And my personal favorite, “Bedazzled” becomes “Let's Do Bad Things!”