Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mary Jane

Japan has a no-tolerance policy when it comes to marijuana and most other drugs. Small infractions can lead to jail time, or if your are a foreigner, deportation and a ban from the country like Paul McCartney in the 80's. Yet you can still find the symbol many places...

as air fresheners...

in fashion...

But after seeing this particular sticker covered in hemp it was time to find out the truth. Why is marijuana so popular in Japan?

So one day at school Staci brought along a picture and decided to ask her teachers why this symbol is so popular. 

Staci: you know what this is?

Teacher:  Ah is a Hawaiian flower. It if very cute, right?

Staci:  This is not a flower.

Teacher:  Oh. What is it?

Staci:  It is marijuana. 

Teacher:  Huh?

Staci:  You know...(pretending to smoke a joint)

Teacher:  (gasp) Really?! I did not know. My daughter has clothes covered in them.

I do not know why they need a “Hawaiian flower” when they could just use the Japanese maple leaf that is just as beautiful...