Saturday, April 16, 2011

Freaky Friday

Friday did not start well and before my first class we were driving Staci to the doctor's office because she was feeling sick. They took great care of her and she even got her own IV.

She is expected to make a full recovery.

While she was receiving medical attention I was patiently sitting in the waiting room. Another foreigner walked in and sat down next to me and we began talking. He was from California and was about to begin teaching English in a junior high school.

During our conversation a nurse came to ask me something that I could not understand. Then five minutes later, the office manager came to me and said this...

                 Office Manager: Um...Excuse me Mr. Daniel. We need you...your wife is a patient.
                               Daniel: Yes. 
                 Office Manager: We need some...uh...with the cup.

I glance down to see a small basket and a cup with ダニエル様 (Mr. Daniel) printed on the side. So putting things together I figure out they want a urine sample. This seemed odd to me since I was not a patient, but I complied anyway.
As I come out of the bathroom the office manager is standing there apologizing...
                 Office Manager: Oh. Mr. Daniel. I'm sorry...uh...mistake.
                                Daniel: What?  
                 Office Manager: You are a of patient.
                                Daniel: Husband?
                 Office Manager: Ah yes. We don't finished?
                                Daniel: Hai, dozo (Yes, here you are). 
                 Office Manager: Ok. Thank you. Sorry.  Wrong Mr. Daniel...

He then points to the other foreigner.

It could have happened to anyone. We were both white, wore ties and speak English. With that many things in common it's hard to believe we were complete strangers. Especially since we share such a unique name.