Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pesto, A Sign of the End Times

This summer Staci and I had to bring our own lunches to school for a few weeks because there was no kyuushoku. We figured our homemade meals might be a little different than a traditional Japanese bento lunch...

One of our lunches was chicken with pasta and pesto. It attracted some strange looks and several teachers asked what I was eating.

Assuming that it was in Katakana, I formed the word ペスト (pe-su-to). Fortunately, I have a habit of checking words before I just blurt them out. Here's what I found...

ペスト, my initial word, actually means black plague
ペースト, slightly more drawn out 'pe' sound, means paste

I was getting closer...

Finally, with some help from friends, I was able to tell them the next day that I had eaten 
バジルソース (basil sauce).