Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I'm sure all of us know someone who is awkward during telephone calls. Maybe it's a misspoken word, an inappropriate comment or an awkward 15-second silence that leave you wondering why you didn't just send a text message. 

Thankfully, phone conversations are covered in our curriculum. But of course the first lesson was difficult. 

Daniel:  Hello. This is Daniel.
Student:  Hello. This is Takumi desu.

(desu is a verb that would normally take the place of 'this is')

Student:  Can you play?
Daniel:  Yes I can. What time?
Student:  Uh...5 people. 

Daniel:  Hello. This is Daniel
Student:  Hello. This is Monkey.

(fairly sure this was a joke unless his name is もんき)

Student:  Can you play?
Daniel:  No I can't. I'm sorry.
All students:  I'm sorry. He's sorry. We're sorry.

This last one is thanks to a Japanese comedian that I have not been able to identify.