Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Under the Sea

Unfortunately, I started taking pictures with my phone for a few weeks so the picture quality is not great. ごめんなさい!

If I had a top ten of my worst least favorite lunches this would be in the top 3 (if not number 1). In the little cup you have natto which are fermented soybeans. You can eat them with rice or use the complimentary mustard to mask the bad smell. 


The interesting thing is that natto does not taste all that bad...if you can get past the smell and texture.

The plate has a generous helping of braised seaweed with a few diced vegetables. My main apprehension with this dish was the color. Like natto, it does not taste that bad if you can get over its looks. In the bowl there is vegetable soup, which on this occasion is mostly seaweed.