Friday, July 8, 2011

My Teachers Are Devious

Today at school:

Best teacher ever: Staci! Today Old Man will come to school.
We will have meeting with him. We don't like him.

I am not making up a name for him, that is what she called him.  

Don't you think I am more creative than that? 

Yea, I didn't think so..

Staci: Ok...

Best teacher ever: SO we will plan our English meeting for 10 minutes after he shows up. You will come in to the meeting room and say "HEY! GUYS!! CAN WE HAVE A MEETING NOW?" As loud as you can. Can you do it?

Staci: Yepp.

After I interrupt the meeting and Old Man leaves... 

Teacher one: Thank you!

Teacher two: You're an angel.

Best teacher ever: You're a goddess.

Staci: You're welcome, any time.

So basically the plan was for the foreigner to scare Old Man away, it worked, almost too well.

Well played teachers...