Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Sasumata

Teacher: We are having a drill today. The kind where the foreigner comes in the building to harm the students.

Staci: Foreigner?? Like a gaijin. Like me?

Teacher: NO! I am sorry.. Eh to (Japanese equivalent of um)..**sucking of air through teeth** Strange man drill! Strange man comes into the school to hurt the children.

Staci: O.. Ok. What do you want me to do?

Teacher: Stay here and answer phones.

Staci: **Uh…. Say what?**

(Teachers leave for 10 minutes and then return with the grounds keeper. He will answer the phones because, well, I can’t. Let’s face it this man is way more useful than me, he trims trees and speaks Japanese.)

**Teachers bring in large pole with a U on the end (Also known as a sasumata) and begin poking each other with it**

This is not my picture. Also, I don't know these people. Google is a wonderful thing. I promise to take a picture of the thing and load it (someday). Maybe they will let me practice disarming people with it.. Probably not.

Staci: I’m sorry, what is that?

Teacher: This is for the strange man.

Staci: **Blank stare**

Teacher: It is to make him stop and go on the ground.

Staci: **looks from one twig person to the other twig person.**

Teacher: You hit his knees (with the U) and he will fall.

Staci: O. Where do you keep that?

Teacher: In the storage room

The storage room is in another building.

Staci: Ok?

The drill begins. The “stranger” (yes, they use one of the male teachers) is put on the ground and the students LITERALLY run out to the playground.

O Japan. I love you.