Thursday, March 10, 2011

Halloween Story

I wish with all of my being that I was better at remembering taking pictures, but I am not. Sorry!

We had a school festival in October. I was asked to make an English booth so I made a full-fledged Halloween party with face painting, candy, games, and costumes.

My Kocho really wanted to be involved. So I told him he could pass out the candy to the kids. He wrote down what he was supposed to say in English and I over heard him practicing in his office several times, he was EXCITED.

I picked out the most conservative hat we had for him to wear, a black witches hat. He walked in and I handed it to him.

Kocho: I don’t like this hat.

Staci: Um… O no, he isn’t going to like anything I have. I guess you don’t have to wear one at all.

Kocho: No, I want to.

He began to look through the other costume options I had and selected the most incredible costume I have ever seen….

He chose a pair of lady bug wings, a purple sparkly witches hat, and a skeleton mask. He then proceeds to put all of these items on over his track suit.

He kept his costume on the entire party and passed out every piece of candy.

He then walked around the school giving out stickers.

I was impressed.