Friday, March 11, 2011

Staci Makes Children Cry

A long time ago I was teaching my 2nd graders feelings. 
How are you? I’m happy, I’m sad, I’m great, I’m fine… 
We were playing this game called “How are you Monster?”
Game credit to Genki English

The children stand against the wall and the monster stands in the middle of the room. The students asks the monster how he/she is. IF the monster says “I’m Hungry!” that is when the kids run. Their goal is to get to the other side without the monster tagging them or they become the monster.
There is some set up to this game though that gives them some incentive to get to the other side. I tell them that I am the monster and I enjoy eating children so they should run really fast. 

The game begins… 
Students: How are you monster? 

Staci: I’m fine. 

The students take a step. 

Students: How are you monster? 

Staci: I’m sad 

The students take a step 

This goes on for a while and then suddenly… 

Students: How are you monster? 

Staci: I’m hungry!! 

I chase the children and catch the tiniest 2nd grader I have. I pick him up and pretend like I am eating him. 

Usually the child is squirming/giggling, but this kid wasn’t moving, he was frozen.
I looked down at him and he was crying… I mean REALLY crying. I then put him down. 


The teacher and I had to take the student aside and explain this was just a game and he was actually in no danger at all, to which he replies… 

Student: I’m sorry. I really thought you were going to eat me. 

What does this have to do with Kocho week you ask?? He was there laughing at me.
Have you ever made a child cry?