Thursday, March 10, 2011

Your looks are laughable

I know, I am posting twice in one day. Get over it.

Kocho: Good morning.

Staci: Good morning

1st grader: Good morning

Staci: How are you?

1st grader: I am fine thank you. Staci? Did you get a haircut?

Staci: Yes, I did.

1st grader: O! Cho (so) sexy!

Kocho: You can’t say this to teachers. You can say- nice, pretty or beautiful.

We walk around the corner and my Kocho almost keels over with laughter.

Thank you Kocho Sensei, thank you.


Here is a picture of me at my desk, because Melissa requested it.

I am not smiling or looking because I didn't want anyone to notice I was taking a picture of myself. Apparently, this is my "I am being sneaky" face. It might be a little obvious.