Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kocho Week

I have decided to dedicate this week on our blog to my Kocho Sensei because he is amazing.

I will try to add a new story about him everyday.

First of all, a Kocho Sensei is the principal of a school. In Japan this is a VERY respected position. They have to take many tests and work for many years as a teacher to get this job. Also, when they are the Kocho whatever they say at school goes, everyone must bow to the Kocho (literally). This usually means that the person in this position is very serious.

O and I am not using code by calling him Kocho Sensei, he is referred to by his title never his name.

My first memory of my Kocho was around my 3rd week of school. I needed to ask permission for something so I stepped up to the office door and peeked inside to see if he was there and I saw him at his desk..

In his clear rain suit (over his business suit), floppy straw sun hat, white driving gloves, and black toe socks (no shoes) casually typing on his computer.

I decided to come back another time.